Ulipsu is a flagship brand of Kidvento Education & Research Pvt Ltd. Founded in 2017, Kidvento is the frontrunner in making learning interesting, impactful & joyful through innovative curriculum solutions. With a team of experienced educationists and passionate teachers, Ulipsu bridges the skill education gap, aligning with global standards to prepare students for success in the ever-evolving world.

Ulipsu isn’t merely a platform; it’s a tailored journey towards structured learning outcomes, nurturing learners for tomorrow’s challenges with new-age skills. We stand tall as a customer-centric brand, which resonates with our tagline, “We Are You.” We immerse ourselves in understanding our users’ needs, shaping our product to mirror their unique aspirations and challenges. Education with Ulipsu transcends mere service; it’s a collaborative symphony crafted to fulfill the dreams and ambitions of our valued customers.

Meet The Ventonians

A world class product needs a world class team. That is exactly why we are assembling a global team of passionate and talented individuals who have the hunger to build extraordinary learning solutions.

Our Commitment

At Ulipsu, fueled by unwavering trust and passion, we stand as a global brand committed to sculpting aspirational futures through groundbreaking, universally accessible skill education.

We endeavor to reach every learner globally. We redefine the educational landscape, positioning skill education not as an option but as a pivotal cornerstone within every student’s academic journey. We want every learner to feel joyful and fulfilled while learning, making knowledge an exciting and rewarding journey for all.

Students Learning New Skills Everyday
Schools Have Integrated Ulipsu Skill Modules In Their Curriculum
Years Of Collective Experience In The Ed-Tech Sector
Innovative Learning Solutions Introduced

Our Founders

Sumanth Prabhu

Co-Founder and CEO

With over 10+ years of experience as a first-generation entrepreneur, Sumanth Prabhu has been instrumental in bootstrapping Kidvento to success, making Kidvento’s Ulipsu the largest learning platform in the world. A mechanical engineer by education, Sumanth Prabhu is a passionate educator and a proficient speaker.

Nikhil Bhaskar

Co-Founder and CTO

Nikhil Bhaskar began his journey as an entrepreneur right after graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Electronics. Throughout his journey as an entrepreneur, he has created some award-winning, industry-first products for Kidvento. Nikhil Bhaskar is a true customer-centric co-founder and a passionate technocrat.

Our Leadership Team

Our Tapestry Of Recognitions

Emerging Learning Product Of The Year

Ulipsu was awarded The Emerging Product Of The Year – 2023 Award in the Education Innovation Summit by Entrepreneur India.

Amazing Workplaces® Certified Organization

As an Amazing Workplaces® Certified Organization, we’re committed to fostering an environment where every individual thrives. Our dedication lies in continuously cultivating a culture of collaboration, support, and growth, making the workplace a haven for productivity and happiness.

Elevate 2018

We were awarded Elevate 2018, a startup initiative by Government of Karnataka. The programme, part of the startup policy launched by the state government in November 2015, is run under the Startup Karnataka initiative of the Ministry of IT-BT and S&T.