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Welcome to the enchanting world of Ulipsu, where learning comes alive with boundless possibilities! Imagine a place where students are not just learners but explorers, where education is an adventure and every skill mastered opens doors to new horizons. This is the world we’ve created for you!

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Global Standard Curriculum

Standout with a skill learning platform featuring meticulously researched curriculum from India, the US, the UK, and Singapore that resonated with learners globally.

Tech-Driven Engagement

Technology-enabled learning engages learners in dynamic and interactive experiences.

Customer-Centric Service

Providing world-class customer service with a customer-first ethos

NEP and NCF aligned

Our skill curriculum is meticulously aligned with the National Education Policy (NEP) and National Curriculum Framework (NCF), ensuring seamless integration and compliance with contemporary educational standards

Lifelong Learning

Empowering learners with skills that extend far into their future, promoting lifelong learning and adaptability.


How does Ulipsu help students become future-ready?

Ulipsu equips students with essential skills such as coding, AI, life skills, design thinking & innovation, and more, making them well-prepared for the challenges of the future with the interactive and self-paced modules that make learning enjoyable.

Who will serve as our Single Point of Contact (SPOC) for Ulipsu?

Upon onboarding, each school will be assigned a dedicated Program Success Manager, serving as the crucial liaison between the educational institution and our organization. This personalized connection ensures streamlined communication, proactive issue resolution, and tailored support, ultimately enhancing the overall success and satisfaction of our collaborative endeavors.

How does Ulipsu help schools become NEP compliant?

Ulipsu’s curriculum is aligned with the National Education Policy (NEP) guidelines, making it a valuable skill education platform for schools aiming to comply with the educational regulations.

Can Ulipsu be used at home?

Yes, Ulipsu offers creative modules that can be accessed from home, encouraging learning and skill development in an engaging manner.

What types of schools partner with Ulipsu?

Any school that has a vision to provide a holistic education to their students that has a combination of both academics and skill education can partner. Ulipsu offers its skill education program to enrich their existing curriculum.

What school should have to implement Ulipsu?

To implement Ulipsu effectively, a school should allocate 1 class per week, have a computer lab with internet connectivity, and designate a coordinator to oversee the program’s seamless integration.

Can parents enroll their children on Ulipsu directly, or it can be done solely through schools?

At the moment, direct enrollment for parents isn’t available on Ulipsu. However, we encourage parents to introduce Ulipsu to school management for potential implementation.

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