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Fri 01, 2024

7 Reasons Why Students (Most Adults Too) Struggle With Math?

BY : admin

Ever met someone who shies away from math or downright despises it? At Ulipsu, we’ve encountered, engaged, and supported numerous students grappling with Math Phobia.

Let’s dive into the roots of this dislike.

Counting on fingers (and toes): While we teach complex numbers, we start with basic calculations on fingers, akin to training a fish to climb a tree. It’s time to ignite imagination—encourage your child to visualise problems instead of relying on fingers, pens, or paper. Picture the problem as you read it aloud during revision. Challenge their imagination!

No relevance to the real world: Math often feels abstract, lacking real-world applications. Understanding area and geometry becomes more tangible when helping someone carpet the floor. Let’s bridge the gap—counting with veggies in the kitchen instead of fingers can make a difference.

Pace of learning: Each child has a unique learning pace. Some need more time to grasp concepts fully. Give them the space and time they require. Understand their preferred learning patterns—this is crucial.

Influence of others: Surroundings shape beliefs. If a child constantly hears how hard, boring, or irrelevant math is, they’ll start believing it. Counter these influences—show the practical impact of math in everyday life.

Simple methods in their arsenal: Complex calculations often intimidate. Simple techniques like Vedic Math can be game-changers, turning a daunting multiplication problem into a breeze.

Rote learning: Memorising formulas and rules is part of math, but logical connections can simplify this process. Unveil connections between formulas to ease the burden of memorization.

Peer pressure: Fear of failure in front of peers often leads to withdrawal. Teachers and parents play a pivotal role here—encouraging a ‘fail first, fail fast’ mentality fosters resilience and self-esteem.

Are you tormented by Math too? Share your reason with us! Let’s unravel the challenges together, making math an exciting adventure rather than a dreaded maze.