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Fri 01, 2024

Is Learning to Code Essential for Your Children?

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Before we get too ahead of ourselves with a debate on children learning code, it’s only fair to check if we know what Coding is.

Coding, also known as computer programming, is how we interact with computers. Code is a set of instructions we give the computer to perform a certain set of tasks. Code tells a computer what actions to take, and writing code is like creating a set of instructions. You can use the power of code to make websites and apps, process large amounts of data, automate boring repetitive tasks, and do lots of other cool things.

Several lines of code (instructions) put together make a program. Like we speak different dialects, our interactions with computers can also happen in different languages known as programming languages, like JavaScript, Java, C/C++, or Python.

Now that we are on the same page. Yes! Code as a skill is important. But at what age should children learn to code?

To answer this question better, we first need to break down and understand a few things.

What makes one a good programmer?

Any code (and hence programs) runs on the foundations of Math and Physics. Only with mastery in these subjects can one become a master in coding.

The FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) Wildfire

With most of the EdTech companies marketing (FOMO marketing, to be precise) coding as a necessary skill for children in Grade 2, most parents seem to have gotten the impression that coding is independent of foundational skills like Math and Physics. Most of these companies even go to the lengths of making false claims that children can become programmers in just a few months through their online courses.

Most EdTech companies only tend to teach a few jargons and use drag-and-drop or block-based Visual programming methods to teach programming. This, however might give children and parents a false impression that this is what coding is. They are only learning to use pre-written code. This may not be bad but coding as such may be misunderstood by children.

Also, when most apps built by these young ones were surveyed, they either seemed to not exist, malfunction, or be virtually unusable.

So, coding is just a tool or rather, a needle in the haystack; coding alone does not make one ready to take on the world & become a teen programmer (which is a dream most parents are sold).

Since big dreams are up for grabs, it comes with a hefty price tag, with fees starting at “Just” ₹6,000 for beginner courses and trending upwards of  ₹1 lakh for advanced courses.


NEP 2020 is often used as bait while selling these courses. Even though NEP highlights coding as an important skill to be taught at schools, it also reinforces the fact that young ones up to 6th grade need to concentrate on building foundational Math and Science skills before they are introduced to coding.

So, it is impossible to have one set age to learn coding that works for all children. One rule of thumb is that if they have the fundamental prerequisites figured out, they should just jump right into writing code.

So, does that mean coding is a fad and your child should not learn it?

No, that is not what we are trying to say.

We shouldn’t force-fit coding as a skill into child’s curricula, be it in school or at home (through online learning platforms); rather, parents should focus on helping their children build core foundational skills & progressively introduce them to code (we mean real coding). All children, regardless of their age, should be introduced to interdisciplinary skills and have complete autonomy in choosing what to learn.

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We at Ulipsu, have thoughtfully designed our coding courses to address all shortcomings that existing solutions have.

✅ We suggest an individualised learning track to ensure young ones master foundational skills before they advance to skills like code.

✅ But we let the children steer the boat; they are full of liberty to try, test, and pick their learning path.

No fixed structure is the best structure.

Only bridges with some wiggle survive a storm.

All said and done, coding may or may not be your thing but who doesn’t love some coding wisdom (aka puns) like this one?


Happy Skilling!