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Thu 03, 2024

10 Contemporary Subjects that Schools Can Add to their Curriculum

BY : darshan

We have come a long way since butting two stones to make fire. Once, people who pitched the idea of having a pocket-size smart device were discounted for being crazy, but here we are, trying to put chips inside humans to fix brain injuries.


Shouldn’t our curriculum get an upgrade too? Here are ten contemporary subjects (both fundamental & new-age)  that will make a great addition to the school curriculum.


Finance & Entrepreneurship:

Teach students about personal finance, budgeting, investing, and understanding economic systems. Introduce students to the principles of entrepreneurship, including idea generation, business planning, and the practical aspects of starting and running a business.

Financial literacy is essential to navigate both personal & professional life. Due to a higher risk appetite, the earlier an individual explores financial literacy; the faster one can reach financial freedom.

Entrepreneurial aspirations have considerably risen, as has the ecosystem to nurture them. The time has come for everyone to aspire to be an entrepreneur.


Artificial Intelligence:

Explore real-world applications of AI, such as in healthcare, finance, and transportation. Discuss the ethical implications of AI, including bias, privacy concerns, and the societal impact of automation.

As AI becomes integral to various industries, integrating AI education prepares students for a workforce where technological literacy is paramount.


Space Tech:

Explore advancements in space technology, including satellite technology, space probes, and potential future developments like space tourism. Not to forget the history of space exploration, significant milestones, and current space missions.

Studying space technology fosters curiosity and a passion for science, encouraging students to explore the unknown and contribute to future advancements. It also paves the way for great minds to come together to solve impossible problems, solutions that eventually make the common man’s life simpler.


Data Science:

Teach students how to collect, analyse, and interpret data using statistical and computational methods. Introduce the fundamentals of machine learning and its applications in various fields.

In an era where data is everything, being able to analyse, pattern recognise & interpret data is having the best artillery at the front line.


Design Thinking & Innovation:

Foster creative problem-solving skills through design thinking methodologies. Encourage students to think critically, embrace failure as part of innovation, and iterate on ideas.

Silicon Valley is where it is due to constant innovation. Innovation & design thinking is not just a skill but a way of life.



Explore the holistic benefits of yoga, including stress reduction, mindfulness, and physical well-being. Like Financial Literacy, the earlier Yoga becomes a part of one’s routine, the better. The body & mind become more rigid as one ages. The benefits of Yogic practice go far and beyond just physical & mental well-being. It translates into academics & 


Drama & Theater:

Develop effective communication skills through drama activities, improving verbal and non-verbal expression. Use drama to cultivate empathy by allowing students to explore different perspectives and emotions.



Encourage students to actively participate in volunteer work to develop a sense of social responsibility. Foster awareness of global issues and inspire students to contribute to positive change.



Teach sustainable agricultural practices and the importance of preserving natural resources. Explore the entire food production chain, from cultivation to distribution, and the role of agriculture in addressing food security. Children need to know where our food comes from, respect the work that goes into it & embrace a career in agriculture.



Promote creativity and resourcefulness through do-it-yourself projects. Provide hands-on experiences that enhance practical skills, such as woodworking, crafting, and basic home repairs.


Let us know if we missed something on this list.


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