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Global Skill Curriculum In Your School?

    Equip Your Students With
    21st-Century New-Gen Skills

    Our new-gen skill offerings such as AI, Coding, and Design Thinking & Innovation align seamlessly with the National Education Policy (NEP 2020) along with the global curricula from the UK, US, India and Singapore, ensuring your students become future ready.

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    Unique Skill PortfolioFor Every Student

    Every learner gets a chance to build a unique skill portfolio enriched with 3 internationally recognised certifications and capstone projects. This portfolio is further complemented by a comprehensive skill report that encapsulates the students’ learning journey, offering a detailed reflection of their acquired skills and accomplishments.

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    Skilling Made Joyful & Engaging WithOur Interactive Learning Modules

    Interactive Learning Modules (ILMs) engage students with interactive elements, promoting active participation while maintaining interest and curiosity, enhancing retention. This emphasis on interactivity is rooted in research findings indicating that active engagement enhances learning by 60% compared to passive learning.

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    Unique Skill Curriculum For Your School


    Introduce coding skills to young learners, promoting logical thinking and computational skills essential for the digital age.

    Artificial Intelligence

    Familiarise students with the basics of Artificial Intelligence, sparking curiosity and understanding of emerging technologies.

    Life Skills

    Nurture holistic growth and prepare students for life's journey with our modules, cultivating essential life skills through engaging narratives and gamified learning.


    Enhance mathematical proficiency and critical thinking through engaging activities tailored to each grade level.

    Finance & Entrepreneurship

    Introduce financial literacy and entrepreneurial concepts, fostering a foundation for financial responsibility and innovation.

    Language & Communication

    Unlock global success through fluency with our innovative LSRW language modules, bridging theory and practice for confident communication in a dynamic world.

    Design Thinking & Innovation

    Develop creativity and problem-solving abilities through hands-on design projects, encouraging innovative thinking.

    Data Science

    Cultivate data exploration and analysis skills, laying the groundwork for understanding and interpreting information.

    Space Tech

    Explore the wonders of space through age-appropriate modules on space technology, inspiring curiosity about the universe.

    Digital Citizenship

    Instil responsible and ethical online behaviour, promoting positive digital interactions and awareness.

    Art & Crafts

    Ignite creativity and fine motor skills through various artistic mediums, encouraging self-expression and imaginative exploration.


    Cultivate critical thinking and problem-solving skills through hands-on exploration of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics concepts.


    Foster physical and mental well-being through age-appropriate yoga practices, promoting relaxation and mindfulness.

    Electronics & Robotics

    Introduce basic principles of robotics and electronics, encouraging hands-on exploration and problem-solving.


    Develop musical abilities and appreciation through engaging lessons, allowing learners to explore the world of rhythm, melody, and expression.

    Graphic Novel

    Enhance storytelling and visual communication skills through engaging activities centred around graphic novels.

    Why Do Schools Love Ulipsu?

    Let's hear it directly from them.

    Kids thrive on curiosity, and in today's competitive world, we're determined to keep them ahead. With Ulipsu, our kids are in their element – learning coding, life skills, language & communication, and artificial intelligence, among many others adding a new dimension of innovation and technology.

    Preethi Manjunath

    Skill education isn't just about today; it's about preparing children for tomorrow's challenges. Ulipsu isn't just a platform; it's a catalyst for the future. Its convenience and strength are unmatched, and I'm confident it will keep embracing new skills.

    Sandesh C

    Ulipsu is like a real gem! I like how kids are so happy and pumped about Ulipsu. It's amazing to see them having fun while learning skills like coding and electronics – things we don't usually teach due to various barriers. Ulipsu is really making a positive change in Education.

    Swathi Ethiraj

    Ulipsu offers a transformative learning experience that transcends mere instructions. Ulipsu is more than a conventional learning platform. It is an immersive journey of exploration and growth.

    REV. FR. Alvine Stanislaus
    Manager & Correspondent

    Ulipsu is a Global Skill Learning Platform where the students can transform their idea into reality.

    Farhana M

    This platform has helped me to become a confident speaker and overcome my stage fear.


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